Gestural Light Fixture

This project, by Artyom Maxim, uses Grashopper, Firefly and a Kinect to track user gestures and drive the EuroLite LED light fixture.  The lighting element moves with an Arduino and MAX485 DMX transceiver. 

Touch Screen

A project by Tugrul Yazar where Grasshopper and Firefly work on a webcam directed back to the screen, giving an effect of a touch screen.


Light Responsive Skin

Adaptive Skin by Stefano Arrighi.  A responsive 3d model representing the behavior of the adaptive skin according to the incidence of the sun's rays.  This was the first attempt to control and imitate sun's movement using a lamp and Firefly's vision tools.




Aperactive (interactive aperture), by Hunter Ruthrauff,  is an interactive panel that opens based on user proximity. Its ability to be both opaque and transparent at the user's discretion opens the doors to new possibilities to the relationship shared between private and public spaces. The idea is that this one panel is repeated as a pattern across a large wall so that as the user passes by each opens to reveal the space on the opposing side. In this way attention from the space within is shifted toward the direction of the catalyst and the catalyst becomes aware of activities being performed by the users inside.

Controlling a Pan/Tilt Servo

A demo video by Andy Payne.  In this example, we are using two numeric sliders in Grasshopper to control a pan/tilt servo setup.  In this case, one slider controls the panning servo, while the other controls the tilting servo.  The setup seen above can be purchased from Trossen Robotics. 

Breath OSC and Kangaroo

A demo video by Andy Payne with help from Daniel Piker.  This demo shows the use of BreathOSC (free iphone app) with Firefly and Kangaroo (free plugins for Grasshopper) to simulate wind effects.

Touch OSC and Arduino

A demo video by Andy Payne.  In this demo, we use TouchOSC (mobile phone app) and Firefly (a free plugin for Grasshopper) to control LED's and motors.

Kinetic Pavilion

The Kinetic Pavilion by Elise Elsacker and Yannick Bontinkx.  This project orients itself on the development of a new kind of pavilion that’s capable of acting upon changing weather conditions, human movement or human moods/mindsets. It’s shape has been made dependable of ecological choices and parameters extracted from the pavilion’s surroundings. Just like every other organism, this new prototype changes itself when parameters take on other values. - text provided by authors.

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