Paysages Domestique

Impressive video by Romain Remigereau using the Firefly Kinect Skeleton Tracker to fabricate a custom designed flower vase.

Hanging Liminality

The final prototype titled Hanging Liminality by James Ye-Won Lee and Jonathan Fernandes, two masters students at the University of Sydney.  The installation uses 28 servo motors and an Arduino Mega.  In addition, they used a PS Eye webcam to control the servos so they react in response to video movement.

Hektor Machine

An awesome drawing machine using Firefly, Arduino, and stepper motors created by Marshall Prado.

Hexabug and Firefly

This project comes from Jose Garcia del Castillo at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.  Adapted from this tutorial.


Adaptive Blinking Prototype

This is a really cool prototype built by Chiachi Yeh at the Bartlett AAD program.

Responsive Apertures

Mechanical prototype of a fifth year architecture project by LSU Freerider. The objective was to operate mechanical prototypes, in this case aperture iris diaphragms embedded in a wall, with sensory data, in this case a series of light sensors. The project combines Grasshopper and Firefly for Rhino along with the Arduino microcontroller to drive each hobby servo.  As each person passes his hand across the light sensors, the aperture closes before returning to its open state.

Kinect Hand Tracking

A simple demo by Andy Payne which shows how to create a custom hand-tracking display.

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